Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them. Does your question not exist? Then contact us by telephone or send us an email.

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You can register via this website. If this does not work, we ask you to contact us by telephone.
Within a few minutes after registration, you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation. Within a few days we will contact you and process your registration. A few months before the start of the reception, we will contact you by telephone to discuss your childcare needs and possibilities. Then you will receive the placement agreement.
Yes, preferably as quickly as possible. Brothers and sisters get priority when placed.

Yes this is possible, if the occupation permits. Exchange within the same workweek is free. Exchange days, you can request by e-mail or via our parent portal.

We offer age-oriented activities. The activities change several times a year and are announced through an electronic newsletter and flyers at your location.
The activities can range from:

  • Movement Lesson
  • Pregnancy gym
  • Christmas dinner
  • Hair stylist
  • Parent committeeCheck the registration page for the most current offer!

Holiday care

The notice period is 1 month. The contract can, preferably, be canceled for the 1st of each month.

Written, by email ( Preferably mentioning the delimitations. We appreciate your information in order to improve our services, also in case of cancellation.
This is possible if there is no waiting list for the desired day. You can notify the change by email (
This is possible if the occupation permits. You can request the extra childcare via or via our Parent portal. We charge the extra hours on the monthly invoice.
No, unfortunately you will not receive any money back.

Childcare allowance
As a parent, with children attending formal childcare, you can apply for the childcare allowance (an allowance). The tax office reimburses up to a maximum hourly rate (see costs). You can calculate your allowance and apply for it at
You can request childcare allowance via the internet: of bellen met de belastingtelefoon, telefoonnummer: 0800-0543. The Tax and Customs Administration needs approximately 1 month to process your application.
TIP: Keep your citizen service number at hand!

There can only be one applicant per child. After the termination of a relationship, the then single applicant retains the allowance if he continues to incur the costs of childcare and the children continue to live with the applicant. If this is not the case, then the applicant must stop the allowance. If the ex-partner starts to take care of the children after the break-up of the relationship and starts to incur the costs of childcare, this ex-partner can apply for the childcare allowance himself with effect from the date on which he / she ends the costs after the end of the relationship. takes care of the daycare. The original applicant must then stop the allowance.

Yes, from 1 January 2014, the childcare allowance of your child must be submitted to the tax authorities within three months of the start of the application. On the starting date of the supplement, childcare must be provided by registered childcare, such as care of De Zeebaboe.
The amount of the payment does not necessarily correspond to the monthly costs. After processing a change, a proportional payment is made for the (remaining) months of the year. It is recommended to check per change whether the next payment is correct. Also single parents, self-employed, re-intergenders and students are entitled to the childcare allowance.
TIP: The Tax and Customs Administration can only deposit the childcare allowance on one bank account. If you have 2 children with 2 childcare organizations, direct settlement is not recommended.