After-schooling Kids Pleasure

Does your son / daughter go to primary school and seek shelter? Then come to After-schooling Kids Pleasure.

After-schooling Kids Pleasure is available for all primary school pupils in Hoek of Holland between the ages of 4 and 12 who are enrolled in one of three primary schools:

RVKO Joseph School.
PCBS The Driemaster

At Afters-schooling Kids Pleasure you can go for:

Preschool Care (VSO) 07:30 to 08:30
Afterschool Care (NSO) 11:30-18:00
All school holidays 07:30-18:00

The After-schooling is also open during general day off (ADV) / study days / additional free (mid) days.
For exact opening hours; see the website of After-schooling Kids Pleasure.

You will find Kids Pleasure in The Rijckevorselschool located at Mercatorweg 155 and in the Joseph School at Planciusstraat 34.


Mercatorweg 155


Planciusstraat 34

Kids Pleasure has two large and spacious rooms arranged to suit your son / daughter’s wishes. In addition, they make use of the facilities of the primary schools: large gymnasium, games room, computer room and a spacious school area.

After-schooling Kids Pleasure organizes many (theme) activities. From sporty to creative, but there is also time for relaxation or for homework. It is important that every child feels at home at the After-Schooling. The kids are free!

They will not get bored quickly, there’s always someone to play with. Our qualified teaching staff are ready for you.
For more information or registration, visit the After-schooling Kids Pleasure website.